Rules for supporting the non-profit organisation Hobbyhorse Slovakia by one-off or regular donations




The purpose of these Rules for supporting the non-profit organization Hobbyhorse Slovakia in the form of a one-time or regular donation (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules“) is to regulate the mutual relations in the provision, collection and administration of donations as between the donor and the donee and to establish their rights and obligations.




The donor is the non-profit organization Hobbyhorse Slovakia with its registered office at Karpatské námestie 10A, 831 06 Bratislava, ID No.: 54 551 200. The civic association is registered under registration number VVS/1-900/90-63845, at the Ministry of Interior, Drieňová 22, Bratislava. Website: The Donee will use the Gift for only one of the purposes listed below:

  • creating conditions for the development, training and advancement in the sport of hobbyhorsing
  • bringing together and connecting children, young people and friends of sport hobbyhorsing
  • networking, connecting countries, creating conditions for cooperation with foreign representatives of the sport of hobbyhorsing
  • the support and unification of representatives creating material conditions as well as aids and accessories for the sport of hobbyhorsing.
  • bringing children together in sport, the love of exercise and making friends
  • organising meetings, gatherings, competitions and hobbyhorse championships

The Donor is a natural or legal person who agrees to the Rules and, by making a Donation, enters into a contract with the Operator gift agreement within the meaning of Art. § 628 et seq. Act No. 40/1964 Coll. Civil Code, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the “Civil Code“).

The contract is a gift contract within the meaning of Art. §628 et seq. of the Civil Code concluded between the Gifted and the Donor, which arises in connection with the use of the donation form on the Hobbyhorse Slovakia website (, and through which the Donor provides the Gift free of charge to the Gifted, who gratefully accepts the Gift. The contract shall be deemed to have been concluded upon submission of the donation form. By virtue of the form in which the gift contract is concluded, this gift contract shall not be concluded in writing.

Dar is a financial contribution, which is the subject of the Contract, and which is provided by the Donor for the activities of the Hobbyhorse Slovakia civic association. A donation can be made in two forms:

  • one-time donation – this donation will be made by the Donor to the Donee once in the amount chosen when submitting the Donation Form
  • regular gift – this gift will be made by the Donor to the Donee in the amount chosen by the Donee in the form of a regular monthly donation. Such Gift shall be made by the Donor on a regular monthly basis until such time as the Donor notifies [email protected] to discontinue making the regular Gift. If the Donor makes regular donations via an electronic payment system, the Donor is obliged to cancel the set automatic consent so that he/she does not receive further regular donations from the Donor.

The donation form is a form published on the website, through which the Donor enters the donation amount, also information about whether it is a one-off or regular donation and all the necessary information about the Donor and the way of processing his/her financial donation.




is entitled to:

  • accept Donations from Donors via the Donation Form on the Hobbyhorse Slovakia website (,
  • communicate with the Donor or potential Donor individually or via electronic communication,
  • unilaterally withdraw from the Contract if the Donor has provided false, incorrect or misleading information when concluding the Contract.


is obliged to:

  • comply with these Rules,
  • use the Gift effectively for the purpose for which it was given by the Donor,
  • provide accurate, correct and truthful information and, upon the Donor’s request, produce documents and papers confirming such information,
  • on its own initiative or at the written request of the Donor, inform the Donor about the use of the donated Contribution within thirty working days from the date of receipt of the request,
  • clearly and comprehensibly inform the Donor of the purpose for which the Gift is requested,
  • to process the personal data of Donors only to the extent and under the conditions set out in Act No. 122/2013 Z. z. on the protection of personal data, as amended, or a more recent legal regulation replacing it. Information on the processing of personal data is available at this link




The donor is entitled to:

  • voluntarily make a Donation via the Donation Form,
  • request in writing from the Donor information about the use of the Donations,
  • to remain anonymous, i.e. to ask the donor not to disclose the name and surname of the Donor (can be selected on the donation form).


  1. The donor is obliged to:
  • comply with these Rules,
  • provide true, correct and accurate information about themselves.




These Rules are published on the website. The donee is entitled to amend the Rules. Both the Donor and the Donee are bound by the Rules as published at the time the Donor submits the Donation Form.