Hobbyhorse Sport Club Slovakia

Hobbyhorse Sport Club Slovakia

Hobbyhorsing is registered as a sport in Slovakia with the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport. Hobbyhorse Slovakia is registered as a legal entity that carries out the registration of athletes in hobbyhorse racing in the register of natural persons in sport. Testt

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Every member of the Hobbyhorse Slovakia sports club is automatically registered as an athlete in hobbyhorse, which gives me the opportunity to participate in international competitions as a representative of the Slovak Republic.

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Benefits of membership to the Hobbyhorse Slovakia sports club:

Possibility of contact with hobbyhorsers

You get the opportunity to be in constant contact with everyone who takes hobbyhorsing seriously. Join us Hobbyhorsers are everywhere!

Competitions, reunions, meetings, walks

You can regularly take part in walks, joint training, competitions and meetings of the sports club members

Trainings with Finnish coaches

Improve your jumping or dressage skills with the help of certified hobbyhorse trainers directly from Finland. We’ll help you be better.

Hobbyhorsing became visible as a sport in Slovakia only in 2022. However, his beginnings are long before that, with amateur training and producing hobbyhorse horses.

The Hobbyhorse Slovakia team is from the beginning a community of all those who want to get involved in creating competitions and events to raise the profile of the sport of hobbyhorsing. Now you have the opportunity to join too!

Get information first

You have the opportunity to be among the first to receive information about upcoming events. Furthermore, as a member you will have preferential terms of participation.

You are part of a unique team

As a member of a sports club, you have the opportunity to help and be part of the preparation team at all upcoming events. That’s what counts!

Hobbyhorse Championship

As a club member you have priority registration and a discounted entry fee! You are one of us!

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Hobbyhorse Slovakia is an international association of hobbyhorsing fans. Hobbyhorsing is a relatively new sport discipline in Slovakia, but it is gaining more and more fans. Competitors in hobbyhorsing use a hobbyhorse (an imitation of a horse’s head, which is firmly attached to a wooden stick) to perform competition disciplines such as. parkour or dressage.

Hobbyhorse Slovakia is the organizer of the International Hobbyhorse Championship. Held every year in the spring months. We cooperate with associations from Finland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland.