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The first biggest meeting of HOBBY HORSERS in Eastern Slovakia
in the sign of the HARRY POTTER movies.


At the end of the summer, 28.8.2022, the first meeting of the hobby horse community in Košice took place.

For many hobbyhorsers from eastern Slovakia it was the first big opportunity to meet friends who are involved in hobbyhorsing.

Their big dream has come true! The central theme of the meeting was Harry Potter.

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The meeting started at the Main Square in Košice. It then continued in a nearby city park.

It was attended by 24 hobbyhorsers with parents and friends.

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During the meeting, a successful attempt to enter the Slovak record book in the high jump over the hurdle with hobbyhorse took place in the city park.

For more information on the record book, click here.

All participants evaluated the organization of the event and its friendly atmosphere very positively ❤️.

In the future we will definitely return to Košice and organize another interesting event.

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It was a beautiful day. We met the hobby horses in the square, we went to the park. They were jumping over hurdles. I made new friends. I bought a new horse! I will not forget this day.


I enjoyed this day. Since this morning. I’ve made new friends in hobbyhorsing. Thank you for organizing the meeting in Košice. When will the next one be?


I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. Finally in Košice, finally a hobbyhorse event! It was a perfect day. Thank you. I am already looking forward to the next meeting.


Gallery from the meeting

Hobbyhorsing is a sport, a friendship and a good mood. We bring some photos in the gallery about this great day.

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