Scaffolding from the castiel

Hobbyhorse Slovakia was a co-organizer of a very interesting event, which took place in the premises of the Budmerice manor.

The event combined a competition in leading a real horse around a designated course with a competition with hobbyhorses.

participants of hobby horse competition

Beautiful autumn weather, beautiful spaces of the historical park attracted to the event long-time hobbyhorsing friends or even complete newcomers. There were also real horse obstacles on the prepared course.

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We are very happy to see that boys are starting to take up hobbyhorses and hobbyhorsing. There were several of them at the event and we hope that they enjoyed a great day and that they will participate in other Hobby Horse Slovakia events.

contest participants

Photo gallery from the event

Hobbyhorse Slovakia is an international association of hobbyhorsing fans. Hobbyhorsing is a relatively new sport discipline in Slovakia, but it is gaining more and more fans. Competitors in hobbyhorsing use a hobbyhorse (an imitation of a horse’s head, which is firmly attached to a wooden stick) to perform competition disciplines such as. parkour or dressage.

Hobbyhorse Slovakia is the organizer of the International Hobbyhorse Championship. Held every year in the spring months. It cooperates with other hobbyhorsing associations from Finland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland.