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Hobbyhorse Slovakia, c.a.

We are an international association of hobby horseriding fans. Objectives of the association:

To create conditions for the development, training and progression of hobbyhorsing as a sport.

Further to create conditions for competitions, to mobilize related sports unions and associations for their implementation and to participate in the preparation of the Hobbyhorse Championship Slovakia.

Bringing together and connecting children, youth and friends of the sport of hobbyhorsing

Also to create conditions for the formation of clubs and associations on behalf of the sport of hobbyhorsing. Supporting young novice riders in the preparatory meetings of the sport of hobbyhorsing.

Networking, connecting countries, creating conditions for cooperation with foreign representatives of the sport of hobbyhorsing.

Further cooperation in the preparation of the Hobbyhorse Championship Slovakia with foreign representatives of the sport of hobbyhorsing.

Support and unification of agents creating material conditions

as well as aids and accessories for the sport of hobbyhorsing. Creating conditions for spreading the reputation of hobbyhorse makers from Slovakia.

Bringing kids together in sport, a love of exercise and making friends.

We encourage children to develop not only sporting habits but also social, interpersonal and friendship relationships.

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Membership in Hobbyhorse Slovakia

Membership is voluntary. Membership is open to all natural and legal persons who agree to the statutes of the association.

The statutes of the association can be downloaded from this link.

Membership of the association shall be conferred by the admission of a member by the competent authority on the basis of an application for membership by an applicant. If you like our goals and would like to participate in their fulfillment we would be happy to welcome you to our association. Please email your membership application to [email protected]. We will send you further information on membership shortly.

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The hobby horse community

Hobby horsing is not only a sport but also a good opportunity for new friendships and relationships.