Slovak record in high jump with hobbyhorse is here.

A new record is written in the Slovak record book!

In the high jump over the hurdle with hobbyhorse!

The attempt to create the Slovak record took place at the end of the summer, 28.8.2022 in Košice. A total of 13 competitors registered for the event, which was part of the hobbyhorse meeting in eastern Slovakia.

participants in the high jump

The competition was conducted according to the approved rules. The rules can be accessed
on this link
. A continuous video recording was made of the entire course of the Slovak record attempt.

Training 5

Each participant had 2 attempts. It started with a jump over an 80 cm high obstacle, which was gradually increased. First by 10 cm, then by 5 cm.

The height of the jump, the impact and the jump itself were checked.

Training 8

The winner of the high jump, which will also be entered into the Slovak Book of Records, was Lea Machyniakova, from the Hobbyhorse Slovakia club. Congratulations!

The current Slovak record in the high jump with hobbyhorse is 110 cm.

Lea 1200×900 power jump

Do you dare to break this record?

Further attempts to break the Slovak record in high jump will be organized regularly, either as separate events or as part of official Hobbyhorse Slovakia events – e.g. Hobbyhorse Championship. Follow our website and
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Watch the video of the winning jump, which is currently the Slovak record in high jump with hobbyhorse.