Donate 2% of your taxes to hobbyhorsing

This year you have the opportunity to donate 2% of your taxes to a non-profit organization Hobbyhorse Slovakia. If you don’t donate 2% of the tax you pay, it will stay in the state budget!

The funds received will be used exclusively for the promotion and development of the sport of hobbyhorsing in Slovakia and for the organisation of the International Hobbyhorse Championship.

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Attention! If you have volunteered at least 40 hours for a non-profit organization in 2023, you can donate up to 3%. Ask the non-profit organisation to fill in the form – a sample can be found below in the Documents to download section.

Important dates:

  • to 15. February 2024 – Deadline for requesting an annual income tax prepayment statement and a tax receipt for employees.
  • until 31. March 2024Filing of tax declarations by taxpayers (individuals) who file a tax declaration (e.g. also sole traders) + filing of tax declaration by legal entities – The declaration is already part of the tax declaration – you fill it in directly in the tax declaration!
  • until 30. April 2024 – for employees only – take/send the 2% remittance declaration to the tax office in your place of residence together with the tax receipt from your employer

Details for the 2% tax declaration:

ID: 54551200

Name of the organisation:
Hobbyhorse Slovakia

Nikol Slovak Record
Volunteers hobbyhorse 2
Casovy Schedule Cover
Dressage of individuals - white horse

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