General Terms and Conditions – Hobbyhorse Championship


These General Terms and Conditions regulate the relations between the parties, where on the one hand is the civic association Hobbyhorse Slovakia, o.z., with its registered office at Karpatské námestie 10A, 831 06 Bratislava, ID No.: 54 551 200 as the Organizer of the Hobbyhorse Championship (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”) and on the other hand is the registered participant of the Hobbyhorse Championship (hereinafter referred to as the “Registered Participant”).


I. Conditions for participation in the Hobbyhorse Championship

These general terms and conditions are valid for all registered participants in the individual disciplines of the Hobbyhorse Championship. If necessary, the Organiser will provide interpretation of these terms and conditions.

A Participant is eligible to participate in the Hobbyhorse Championship if he/she has fulfilled the following basic conditions:

  • Completed electronic registration via the website
  • Paid entry fee
  • Agreement to these general terms and conditions
  • In the case of a person under 18 years of age – electronic consent of the Participant’s legal representative


II. Definition of basic terms

Propositions – binding conditions, instructions and information issued by the Organizer and published on the website and on the subpage dedicated to the Hobbyhorse Championship

Participant – is a natural person who meets the conditions for participation in individual competition disciplines within the defined regulations (e.g. minimum age limit, maximum age limit)

Registered Participant – is a participant who has successfully completed the online registration for the Hobbyhorse Championship

Discipline – the competitive programme of a hobbyhorse championship, which has clearly defined and distinguishable parameters such as the number and height of obstacles, the method of measuring and evaluating results, the conditions of participation and other necessary information.

Online registration with payment – a way of registering for the Hobbyhorse Championship using the electronic registration form published on the Organiser’s website

Entry fee – financial participation fee set by the Organizer in the regulations and on the online registration form. The Entry Fee is payable by the Entrant exclusively by online payment via the Stripe payment gateway as part of the online registration process.

Entry number – a unique identifier of the Hobbyhorse Championship Participant, which is assigned after successful completion of online registration. This number serves as an identifier when entering the Hobbyhorse Championship and will also be displayed in the Entrants and Results lists.


III. Registration for Hobbyhorse Championship

Registration for the Hobbyhorse Championship creates a relationship between the Organiser and the Participant. Upon successful registration, the Participant becomes a Registered Participant.

The Hobbyhorse Championship can only be registered via the online registration system. Personal registration on site or by post is not possible.

When registering, the Participant is required to provide a unique email address that will be used for communication with the Registered Participant before and after the Hobbyhorse Championship. At the same time, the email address will be used to create an account on the website, which can be made available by the Organizer for faster communication with registered participants, respectively. for the provision of benefits to registered participants.

A Participant who is under 18 years of age may only be registered by his/her legal guardian, who also agrees to all the terms and conditions of the online registration.

Registration for the Hobbyhorse Championship is accepted by the Organiser as long as it contains all mandatory data and these data are in compliance with the conditions for participation and the Participant has paid the entry fee. The Registered Participant will receive information about the successful registration in electronic form to the email address used during registration.

Each successfully registered participant will receive a unique entry number that will identify them throughout the Hobbyhorse Championship. The entry number is provided in the confirmation email after successful registration for the Hobbyhorse Championship.

The Organizer has the right to set a limit on the number of Registered Participants in individual sports disciplines in advance or at the time of registration and also the right to terminate the registration at any time or to modify the date of its termination.

Duly completed Registrants’ registrations are included in the lists and databases in the order in which they are received via electronic registration.


IV. Validity and acceptance of online registration

Registration that is not completed simultaneously with the successful payment of the Entry Fee through the Organizer’s payment gateway is incomplete. The Organiser will decide whether to keep such incomplete registration record on file for further communication with the Participant. The Organiser may allow the Participant to complete the registration by filling in incomplete information or by paying the Entry Fee by sending a special link to complete the registration. The decision on the final assessment of an invalid registration remains the sole responsibility of the Organiser.

The registered participant is obliged to check his/her registration details, in case it is necessary to change them, he/she can do so via email up to 2 weeks before the Hobbyhorse Championship. The change does not affect a change in the entered disciplines for which the Registered Participant has entered.

The organizer has the right not to accept the application and not to allow the start at the Hobbyhorse Championship, even if the registration is completed and the entry fee is paid, if:

  1. The participant has provided incomplete, inaccurate or misleading information in the application form,
  2. The participant used the registration form that was intended for members of the Hobbyhorse Slovakia sports club to register, even though he/she was not a member of the Hobbyhorse Slovakia sports club at the time of completing the registration (name + email address)
  3. The participant has used the registration form that was intended for pre-registered participants even though he/she did not register by the deadline (email address)
  4. For an entrant who is under 18 years of age, the entrant’s legal representative has not submitted the online registration
  5. The participant has been disqualified in the past when participating in the Hobbyhorse Championship.



V. Non-transferability of registration and start number to another participant

Participation in the Hobbyhorse Championship is a personal and non-transferable right that accrues only to the Participant by fulfilling all the conditions of registration for the Hobbyhorse Championship. The basic identifier of the Registered Participant from the point of view of safety, health and sport-technical is the unique Start Number assigned by the Organizer. The starting number assigned to the Registered Participant is non-transferable to another person. In the event of a breach of this provision of the General Conditions, persons found to be in breach risk disqualification from that year’s Hobbyhorse Championship and also being banned from competing in future years.


VI. Entry fee, confirmations

The basic rates of entry fees for individual disciplines of the Hobbyhorse Championship are announced annually by the Organizer in the Event Propositions. The entry fee for the Hobbyhorse Championship consists of the basic fee for participation in the Hobbyhorse Championship and additional fees depending on the chosen discipline or the possibility of multiple entries for a given discipline. It also depends on the use of the pre-registration option for the Hobbyhorse Championship, membership in the Hobbyhorse Slovakia sports club and the date of completion of the registration. The Participant is obliged to pay the entry fee in the amount prescribed for the day on which the Participant’s registration is successfully completed by paying the registration fee through the payment gateway. In case of payment of a different (i.e. lower) amount than the prescribed amount of the Entry Fee, the Organizer considers the Entry incomplete and may exclude it from further registration process.
The participant can check the completeness of his/her registration in the email message with the successful confirmation of registration and also in the start list, which will be published after the registration process on the Organizer’s website(
The Organiser is not obliged to issue confirmations according to the individual requirements of the Participants regarding the payment and processing of the payment from the online registration.


VII. Cancellation of entry, refund of entry fee, change of discipline

Paid entry fee is refunded by the Organizer only after deregistration by sending an email message to based on a medical certificate of the Participant’s inability to participate in the Hobbyhorse Championship delivered no later than the deadline announced by the Organizer in the Propositions for the respective year, with a handling fee of 30% of the paid entry fee.

A Registered Participant who fails to show up at the designated time for the presentation loses the right to participate in the disciplines for which he/she has registered without a refund of the entry fee. Likewise, if the presented Registered Participant does not appear at the start of the discipline at the time he/she will be called even after being called again, he/she will lose his/her right to participate in the discipline without refund of the pro rata part of the entry fee.

A registered Entrant may request a transfer of the entry fee to another Entrant by email to no later than one month prior to the Hobbyhorse Championship in a given year. The transfer of the entry fee is always requested by the original Registered Participant. The approval or disapproval of such a request, even if all conditions are met, is within the sole discretion of the Organiser.

The disciplines for which the Participant has registered cannot be changed after the registration is completed. The change is possible only in the case of the name of the hobbyhorse, which is sent by the registered participant by e-mail to no later than one month before the Hobbyhorse Championship in a given year. The change is confirmed to the registered participant by email to the registered email address.

The entry fee will not be refunded to Registered Participants even if, due to force majeure, it was not possible to complete the discipline for which he/she was registered.


VIII. Performance provided by the Participant for payment of the Entry Fee

Each year the organizer provides material products to duly registered participants at registration or during the Hobbyhorse Championship in various predetermined amounts.

The registered participant is not entitled to material products provided by the Hobbyhorse Championship Partners as gifts or samples within the Hobbyhorse Championship to a limited extent until the specified number agreed between the Partner and the Organiser has been exhausted.


IX. Safety of participants

The Hobbyhorse Championship is held indoors in the Sports Hall, taking place whatever the weather. However, the Organiser reserves the right to cancel or suspend the Hobbyhorse Championship if there is a gross disturbance of public order or a serious threat to safety, health, morals or property, if it is not possible to restore public order and ensure the peaceful conduct of the event in any other way. Serious dangers may include extreme fluctuations in air temperature, otherwise extremely inclement weather, the danger of a terrorist attack and other unforeseen events and circumstances that could endanger the health and safety of participants, members of the organizing teams and spectators. In this case, the registered participant is not entitled to a refund of the entry fee or any part thereof.

Organizational and safety instructions regarding participation in the Hobbyhorse Championship will be communicated by the Organizer to the registered participants of the event in an appropriate manner (by e-mail to the address used for online registration, by posting on the Organizer’s website) in good time prior to the Hobbyhorse Championship. Each Participant in the Hobbyhorse Championship is obliged to comply with these instructions and the measures resulting from them.

Each Participant of the Hobbyhorse Championship is obliged to respect and follow the instructions of the designated members of the Hobbyhorse Championship Organizing Team and the Hobbyhorse Championship Organizers during the entire duration of the event.

The use of any technical equipment or devices that may favor the Entrant or interfere with other registered Entrants or endanger the health of Entrants and spectators is prohibited.

In the event that a Registered Participant has demonstrably failed to follow the prescribed course of a given discipline of the Hobbyhorse Championship, has interfered with the safety of other Registered Participants and/or spectators, or has otherwise behaved unsportingly, the Organiser is entitled to prohibit the Registered Participant from continuing in the race and to disqualify the Registered Participant.

Disqualification of a Registered Participant is also possible if the Registered Participant completes the race and subsequently demonstrates such action.


X. Protests and objections

Protests and objections must be lodged with the Chief Judge of the Hobbyhorse Championships no later than 15 minutes after the results of the event are published. The head referee will decide within 1 hour. The decision of the Hobbyhorse Championship Chief Referee on a protest or objection is final.


XI. Exclusion of liability

If the Organiser is forced to cancel the event due to force majeure, weather, war, terrorism or any other threat before the start of the Hobbyhorse Championship or during the event, the registered participants are not entitled to a refund of the entry fee, even if the Organiser has already incurred the costs of preparing the Hobbyhorse Championship prior to the cancellation of the Hobbyhorse Championship itself.

The organizer is entitled to reschedule the Hobbyhorse Championship to a new date. Registered participants will be automatically rescheduled. If the Registered Participant is not satisfied with the new date, he/she has the right to request a refund of the Entry Fee with the application of a handling fee of 30% of the paid Entry Fee.The Registered Participant shall request a refund of the Entry Fee via the email address within one month of the publication of the new date of the Hobbyhorse Championship. After this date, the Entry Fee is non-refundable and the Registered Participant is transferred to a new date.

All registered participants in the Hobbyhorse Championship start at their own risk. The Organiser is not liable for any material damage, loss of property or damage to health related to participation in the Event or to the travel to the venue and stay of the registered participant at the venue of the Event. It is the responsibility of Registered Participants to ensure that they have the appropriate medical examination, to obtain information about their medical condition in connection with their decision to participate in any Hobbyhorse Championship event.

Each Registered Participant in the Hobbyhorse Championship shall individually and on his/her own behalf arrange accident insurance, health insurance, medical expenses insurance or other types of insurance at his/her own discretion.


XII. Data protection and related processes

The organiser of the Hobbyhorse Championship processes the Participants’ personal data in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and in accordance with Act No. 18/2018 Coll. on the protection of personal data and on amendment and supplementation of certain acts.

The Organizer of the Hobbyhorse Championship declares that all personal data is confidential and will be used only for the performance – organization of the Hobbyhorse Championship, to inform the Participant and the Registered Participant about further steps and activities of the Organizer and its contractual partners within the Hobbyhorse Championship project.

The conditions for processing personal data and the specifications of specific personal data to the processing of which the Participant consents are contained in the Notice on the processing of personal data published on the Organizer’s website(

The image, print, sound, audio-visual recordings (and other forms of recordings) of the Registered Participant relating to his/her participation in the Hobbyhorse Championship as well as those of visitors to the Hobbyhorse Championship are available for the use of the Organiser. The organizer reserves the right to archive and publicly publish these records in all forms. Neither the registered participant nor the visitor shall be entitled to any financial, material or other compensation or copyright in the event of such publication.


XIII. Final and special provisions

These General Terms and Conditions of Participation come into force on 1.2.2023, replace their original version and are valid without time limitation. The Organiser reserves the right to amend these General Conditions of Participation for the Hobbyhorse Championship.


Last update: December 2022