1st Hobbyhorse Championship 2022


Thank you to all participants and visitors for creating a great atmosphere at the first edition of the Hobbyhorse Championship 2022 in Cífer. We hope you had a magical day with us.

Hobbyhorse Championship 2022 in numbers

of participants



Official categories of the 2022 Hobbyhorse Championship

In the first year of the Hobbyhorse Championship we have prepared the following attractive competition categories for the participants



Parkour in three disciplines:

Show Jumping 70 cm
Show Jumping 50 cm
Show Jumping 30 cm



Dressage according to dressage task Z3 (Slovak Equestrian Federation)


Attractive spectator contests

Voting for the top rider and horse

4-member relay of riders

Best spectator and participant

Winners of the 2022 Hobbyhorse Championship

Hobbyhorse Championship 2022 Vitazi
Hobbyhorse Championship 2022 Vitazi
Hobbyhorse Championship 2022 Vitazi
Hobbyhorse Championship 2022 Vitazi
Hobbyhorse Championship 2022 Vitazi
Hobbyhorse Championship 2022 Vitazi

Sponsors and supporters

Thank you to our sponsors and supporters, without whom we would not be able to organise the 2022 Hobbyhorse Championship.

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Would you like to become a supporter or sponsor of the next edition of the Hobbyhorse Championship or the hobbyhorse community?

Photo gallery of the championship

We bring you photo snapshots from Hobbyhorse Championship 2022.

Official playlist of the 2022 Hobby Horse Championship

A successful championship also includes good music. For the first edition, we have specially created a playlist that includes the music we played during the championship.
Now you can play it too.

References of participants of Hobbyhorse Championship 2022

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Perfektný hobbyhorse deň. I love hobbyhorsing! Finally, someone in Slovakia has organized such a perfect event. I don’t have to go to the Czech Republic anymore. We felt great and I think the people around us did too.
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It was one beautiful hobbyhorse day full of experiences, emotions and joy. Thank you for everything you have prepared and for all the time and energy you have put into it. You could feel it was organized with love ❤️.
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Thank you for today 🙏. Hats off to all your organization, energy and dedication to the whole hobbyhorse championship. Even my husband was amazed by the whole event. Thanks again! 🙏
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I have to admit that even though I had my doubts at the beginning, it looks like the hobby horse championship was a success, you put a lot of work into it and pleased dozens of people who came to compete. It was worth it 🐎. Good luck with any other races or events. I will definitely come again
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Thank you all so much for the hobbyhorse championship, which went beyond my expectations and to be honest I took home quite a lot. I have never seen such an amazing race in hobby horse! I am looking forward to the next race.
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I have to say it was probably my best race. Amazing atmosphere and I even got placed. I did dressage, freestyle, pairs dressage, parkour 50cm, parkour 70cm and relay. I enjoyed it as much as I could. Thank you everyone
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You can’t missthe 2023 championship again!