High jump with hobbyhorse – Slovak record

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In 2023, the second edition of the popular event – High Jump with hobbyhorse took place on 27.8.2023 in the Municipal Park in Košice.

15 competitors came to break the current Slovak record, which was set in 2022 at 110 cm.

The event took place during the summer meeting of hobbyhorsers from the Košice region in cooperation with the organization
Slovak Records
which keeps the official book of Slovak records.

Last year’s record was broken and a new Slovak record in high jump with hobbyhorse was set!

Leap of Might 2023 Participants

Participants of the high jump with hobbyhorse 2023

The new Slovak record in high jump with hobbyhorse is 125 cm.

The record holder is Nikol Bartosikova.


Nikol Slovak Record

Holder of the Slovak record in high jump with hobbyhorse 2023

The competition was conducted according to the approved rules. Full rules are available
at this link

The jumps took place on a special obstacle prepared for such events with precise height measurement.

An uninterrupted video recording was made of the entire course of the Slovak record attempt, which serves as a confirmation that the entire event took place according to the specified rules.

Gallery of participants of the event

Nicole Bartosik
Emma Štefánikova
Karolína Menšíková
Martina Menšíková
Nikola Gasparova
Nicole Bartosik
Eva Ňuňková
Katarína Hudáková
Mia Machyniakova
Vikória Sujova
Nicole Bartosik
Ivana Bíróová
Kristina Kindermay
Mia Stierankova
Victoria Loy

Video of the winning jump

The current record in the high jump with hobbyhorse can now also be found on
the official website of the Slovak records

Partner of the event

Slovak Records Logo

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