Show Jumping 30 cm

Note: Due to the low number of riders registered for the Parkrun 30 discipline, we have decided not to run the discipline at the Hobbyhorse Championship 203.

On this page you will find more information about the 30 cm Show Jumping competition at the Hobbyhorse Championships 2023. Please familiarize yourself with these rules before participating in the championship.

The main rules for the Show Jumping competition can be found at this link.

Special rules concerning the competition discipline Show Jumping 30 cm can be found in on this link.

Questions & Answers

I didn't find the Show Jumping plan?

The Show Jumping schedule will be published directly at the hobbyhorse championship. We do not disclose it in advance. The plan will

Is it enough if I just have a parelle on hobbyhorse?

No. To participate in the Show Jumping at least one piece of equipment is mandatory: bridle, halter, hacamore or bridleless. Unfortunately, the parekla is not enough.

When will I start?

Lists of registered riders will be published prior to the championship on the championship website, including the expected start time. The list will be continuously updated during the championship.

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