Valentin Hobbyhorse Budmerice 2023 Mail

18.02.2023 (Saturday)
🕓 start from 10:00 🕓
Park near the Manor House
in Budmerice

More from the hobbyhorse community meetings 😘. This time we will meet in the Trnava region – in the beautiful park near the manor house in Budmerice with real horses🏇.

Registration for the event is now closed! Looking forward to seeing you 🎈

contest participants

Meeting programme

cross country competition (11:00 – 12:00) ❌

🏇🏻 competition for the most beautifully tuned rider and hobbyhorse 🏇🏻

🎭 competition for the most beautiful mask 🎭

🐴 parkour training with a trainer 🐴

📷 photography with Bozan and Gregor 📷

🍬 horseback riding (extra charge) 🍬

Refreshments for competitors and visitors will be available for purchase at the LooKÁLKA café in the park area near the manor house. Hot and cold drinks, paninis, hot dogs, cookies will be available ….

Café Lookalka
participants in the competition

The co-organizer of the Valentine Hobbyhorse Budmerice is

Farm Pri Potoku3
Farm Pri Potoku3
Farm Pri Potoku3

Venue Valentine's Day Hobbyhorse Budmerice 2023

Park near the manor house

There are parking spaces nearby. Use the entrance to the premises by the Budmerice Café.

Valentine's Day Hobbyhorse Budmerice

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Hobbyhorse Slovakia is an international association of hobbyhorsing fans. Hobbyhorsing is a relatively new sport discipline in Slovakia, but it is gaining more and more fans. Competitors in hobbyhorsing use a hobbyhorse (an imitation of a horse’s head, which is firmly attached to a wooden stick) to perform competition disciplines such as. parkour or dressage.

Hobbyhorse Slovakia is the organizer of the International Hobbyhorse Championship. Held every year in the spring months. It cooperates with other hobbyhorsing associations from Finland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland.