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You’ve been asking about this for a long time

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Now we bring it to you!

New, original, hobbyhorse themed merch with a Harry Potter reference. We prepared it on the occasion of the first official hobbyhorse meeting in Eastern Slovakia. You will get a T-shirt automatically when you support Hobbyhorse Slovakia in the value of at least 25 EUR.

This is also our way of saying thank you to all our supporters!

Every hobbyhorse will appreciate this!

HH T-shirts 1200×900

For sports and school

You’ll be happy to use this T-shirt at hobbyhorse training sessions, as well as among friends and at school

Limited Edition 001

You have a unique opportunity to get a limited edition Hobbyhorse Slovakia t-shirt. On sale only while stocks last

Designer T-shirt

Quality material and special finishing means this shirt will last for years and still look like new

We will send you a t-shirt to addresses in the Czech Republic and Slovakia without any additional charges or for FREE!

Free Shipping 600×600
HarryPotterHobbyhorseSK Tricko - front side
HarryPotterHobbyhorseSK Tricko - entered page

Table of available sizes

We currently have four of the most requested sizes available. Measure your favourite t-shirt, compare its sizes with the sizes in the attached table and choose your most suitable size. Enter the size in the form below.

Dimensions - T-shirts
Veľkosť Dĺžka v mm Šírka v mm
S 460 650
M 500 680
L 540 720
XL 580 740

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Hobbyhorse Slovakia (Hobbyhorse Slovakia)
is an international association of hobbyhorsing fans. Hobbyhorsing is a relatively new sport discipline in Slovakia, but it is gaining more and more fans. Competitors in hobbyhorsing use a hobbyhorse (an imitation of a horse’s head, which is firmly attached to a wooden stick) to perform competition disciplines such as. parkour or dressage.

Hobbyhorse Slovakia is the organizer of the International Hobbyhorse Championship. Held every year in the spring months. It cooperates with other hobbyhorsing associations from Finland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland.