Rules for 70 cm show jumping at the Hobbyhorse Championships 2023

Important: These rules extend and clarify general rules of competitive show jumping at Hobbyhorse Slovakia events. In the event of a conflict, the following rules shall prevail for the particular type of show jumping.


For the 70cm parkrun, the A.2.0 scoring will apply with the aim of achieving a defined time – this means that a ranking will first be made from riders who have achieved the same number of penalty points (from zero penalty points upwards).

In the second step, the order between the drivers who receive the same number of penalty points will be determined by subtracting the achieved time, rounded to hundredths of a second, from the defined time and determining its absolute value. The times calculated in this way will be sorted in ascending order from the lowest time.

If a rider is entered in a discipline with two hobbyhorses , only one of them will be judged and the one with the better ranking will be judged.

Excluded riders will not be judged.

For the 70 cm show jumping there is an age restriction for riders – the age of the competitor at the time of the competition must be greater than or equal to 10 years (only whole years count).

Hobbyhorse – compulsory equipment – bridle or halter, hacamore or bridleless with reins. No neckwear, barefoot, parelle or hobbyhorse without equipment may be used.

The hobbyhorse stick must be wooden, of a size suitable for the sport of show jumping, so that the stick does not become dislodged.

Rider – compulsory clothing – sneakers, shoes that are indoor, slip-resistant, safe for sports activities running, and high jump. Neutral sportswear is recommended.

The head judge decides whether the competitor has met the requirements for the discipline. In the event of non-compliance, it will ask the rider to make amends. Failure to comply may result in the rider being excluded from participation in the event.

The parkrun course will consist of 8 obstacles, of which at least four obstacles will be placed at a height of 70 cm. The remaining obstacles will be at a lower height.

Neither the location of the obstacles on the course nor the defined time will be published in advance. The riders will learn them directly at the event before the start of the competition discipline. The organizer will allow the individual registered riders to familiarize themselves with the course and obstacles and will acquaint them with the important details of the competition course within a specified period of time.

Obstacles on the track will be visibly numbered from 1 to 8. Riders move on the competition course from the starting line by jumping over obstacles in the order from number 1 to number 8. After skipping all obstacles, the rider continues to the finish line.

There may also be markings on the track indicating sections through which the rider may not move and also sections which riders are to avoid in the designated marked direction.

The rider’s start will be announced by an audible signal from the referee. The timing starts when the start line is crossed and stops when the finish line is crossed.


Reasons for awarding penalty points:

  • throwing down the pole – 4 penalty points
  • disobedience by dropping the stick – 4 penalty points
  • slipping the hobbyhorse pole from between the rider’s legs when jumping or galloping – 4 penalty points
  • trotting/running – over the whole course – gallop required – 4 penalty points
  • early start – second warning – expulsion
  • if the rider does not have his hands on the reins when jumping – 4 penalty points
  • if the rider has no hands on the reins at all – exclusion
  • in the event of a fall causing injury to a rider – exclusion
  • first disobedience – 2 penalty points
  • second disobedience – 4 penalty points
  • if the rider does not follow the order of the obstacles or takes a shortcut – elimination
  • if the rider’s horse’s head flies off the stick and possibly fails to comply with the prescribed hobbyhorse rules – exclusion
  • when destroying obstacles and deliberately moving obstacles – exclusion
  • when preventing another competitor from competing – exclusion
  • failure to obey the referee and the organizer to stop the ride – 4 penalty points
  • failure to start even after the third announcement of the rider’s name and hobbyhorse – exclusion
  • use of technical aids to help the rider to achieve the correct time or active shifting/symbols of acceleration/deceleration from other participants – exclusion


Update: April 2023