Dressage pairs – freestyle


Official results for the Dressage of Pairs discipline at the 2023 Hobbyhorse Championships:

Only the list of officially remunerated posts is published. A full list of competitors with placings is available to participating competitors on request.
Sports number, Rider + Hobbyhorse
Resulting evaluation
484. Mia Machyniakova + Call me The last white dragon Kallas ; 737. Nella Pavelková + Spirit
100,00 %
503. Ivana Bíróová + Cookie ; 500. Emma Štefaniková + Milky
96,19 %
593. Adel Balážová + Lady ; 590. Nikola Osúchová + Snowy
90,476 %
605. Katka Beňová + Devil ; 566. Sofia Danningerova + Charlie
88,571 %
718. Barča Němcová + Perseus ; 669. Julie Jagur + Dino
87,143 %
612. Tereza Ottmarová + Sato ; 577. Daniela Ottmarová + Sunshine champion
87,143 %
591. Agáta Horbanová + Lara ; 565. Hana Tepličanová + Žolík
81,905 %

Note: In case several competitors achieved the same score, the judges of the discipline will decide the final ranking.

Picture of the arena area and description

The dressage pairs at the Hobbyhorse Championship 2023 was prepared in freestyle with a time limit of 3 minutes.

Dressage 2023 Plan of Area

You can also download the arena plan in pdf from this link Pdf Logo 200

You can download the evaluation sheet for dressage pairs at the Hobbyhorse Championships 2023 from this link Pdf Logo 200

Rules of competitive dressage

by hobbyhorse community

Video tutorials of dressage steps (by Kht Renhet)

Do you want to learn dressage steps from the official trainer of the Finnish Hobbyhorse Association?

Questions & Answers

Are there any conditions for the dressage pairs?

Yes, you can read all the judging criteria for pairs dressage in the judging sheet. As there are no specific dressage tasks in this dressage - you need to incorporate at least one walk, one trot and one canter into your tasks.

What song can I choose?

The choice of song for the pairs dressage is up to the contestants - what needs to be respected is that the song is available via the streaming service Spotify. The duration of dressage pairs was set to a maximum of 3 minutes.

What can I get penalty points for?

Pairs dressage is governed by the same rules as other dressage events - the reasons for awarding penalty points are described in section 7.

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