High jump with hobbyhorse – Slovak record

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We invite you to the second year of the unique competition discipline

“High Jump with hobbyhorse

with an attempt to break the Slovak record and entry into the Slovak record book

The event will take place again in Košice, during the Summer Hobbyhorsers’ Meeting from the Košice region.

on Sunday, 27.8.2023
in the City Park in Košice

Partner of the event

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You can find the current record in the jump with hobbyhorse at
official website of Slovak records

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The current Slovak record in the high jump with hobbyhorse is 110 cm.

Come and beat this record and get an entry in the Slovak record book!

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In order to participate in the hobbyhorse high jump with entry into the record book, it is necessary to fill in
on-line registration

Participation fee for the jump with hobbyhorse for entry into the Slovak Book of Records is 10 EUR.

The number of participants is limited! Registration will be closed when the number is full!

The registered participant will receive:

  • the right to take part in the high jump with hobbyhorse and create an official Slovak record!
  • commemorative diploma with a photo with the height of the participant’s jump
  • entry into the Slovak Book of Records for second or third place

In addition, the winner will receive:

  • entry into the Slovak Book of Records as the winner of the high jump with hobbyhorse in 2023
  • Cup of the winner of the High Jump with hobbyhorse
  • commemorative diploma from our partner Slovak Records
  • medal from partner Slovak Records

The competition is run according to the approved rules. Full rules are available
at this link

The jumps take place on a special obstacle with precise height measurement.

An uninterrupted video recording is made of the entire course of the Slovak record attempt, which serves as a confirmation that the entire event took place according to the specified rules.

Lea Machyniakova, from the Hobbyhorse Slovakia club, became the current record holder in the high jump with hobbyhorse, which is also written in the Slovak record book.


Lea 1200×900 power jump

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Do you dare to break this record?

Sign up today!
The number of places is limited.
Registration will be closed when capacity is reached!

Get inspired! Watch the video of the winning jump, which is currently the Slovak record in high jump with hobbyhorse at 110 cm!